The Deadman – Gallery 1988’s Official WWE Show

If you know me in real life, you know how much I love professional wrestling! I remember throwing birthday parties where my friends and I would watch Wrestlemania, as it you be held on or around my birthday. I continued that love for wrestling as I got older, to today, where I still watch it pretty regularly (to the dismay of my girlfriend). So you can imagine how excited I was when Gallery 1988 asked me to make a piece of their official WWE Art show.

While Stone Cold Steve Austin is unquestionably my favorite wrestler, I decided to do something on The Deadman himself, The Undertaker. This idea had been in my brain for years, even doing a vector version of this piece a long time ago. But for the show, I decided to completely re-do it and apply all the things I learned from my Love Witch piece, and apply it to this. This is a 5 color screen print with a glow in the dark layer, beautifully printed by Danny Askar. The Piece is available right now, on the Gallery 1988 wesbite!

“The Return” – Spoke Art NYCC

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I have posted. As you can tell, things have been pretty busy over here! But I had to write up a post, over a month after it’s release, of the latest in my Twin Peaks series of graphic novel/comic book prints. New York Comic Con has come and passed, but you can still grab one of these over at the Spoke Art website.

This one dives right into the strange, but wonderful, 3rd season of Twin Peaks. I don’t know about you guys, but my brain was completely fried watching every episode of this season, and I absolutely loved it. The print itself deals with the different dualities in the show, specifically the idea of “Tulpas”.

As usual, each print comes with it’s own secret decoder glasses for the red mystery reveal. Now, since there aren’t anymore seasons left, this might be the very last of the graphic novel type Twin Peaks prints, but I do have one more idea up my sleeve to kind of encompass the whole show and these prints. It might act as a cover, or it might be something completely different…you’ll have to wait and see…but hopefully you wont have to wait 25 years for it.

There are a few more exciting things coming before the end of the year, and I promise I’ll update the site when I can say more about them! But if you want to keep up with me on a more current basis, following me on Instagram is always your safest bet!

One Ugly Motherfucker – Hero Complex’s John McTiernan Art Show

Ending out the year with one last poster, this time for Hero Complex Gallery’s John McTiernan art show. We were able to choose any of his movie to do a piece for, and I instantly got this idea for one of my favorite movies, Predator.

The screen print incorporates the use of halftones for color variation, red fluorescent ink and also a custom blue metallic ink, all beautifully printed by Danny Askar. You can grab one online at the Hero Complex website.

Another year down. I hope everyone has a good 2017, which had to be one of the most ridiculous years yet. Lets hope 2018 is better!

“Love Me” – The Love Witch for Crazy4Cult

“Love Me’, my The Love Witch inspired print is now available from Gallery1988 as part of their annual Crazy4Cult show. This piece just about killed me. As you can see, this is VERY different from all of the other stuff I have done in the past. I really wanted to do something different for this piece, the movie was incredibly unique, and a regular old poster would not do it justice. I did a lot of research on old movie posters from the 1960’s, particularly Giallo posters, and most of them were painted in a particular style that I really wanted to replicate.

I cannot tell you how many days I worked on this, but it was A LOT. I stayed up until super early in the mornings for multiple days working on this, I became obsessed with trying to make this work. The only times in the past where I had tried to pain things were the Chiquita skateboard and an unreleased Elvira skateboard. This one was a little different though as I had to figure out a way to paint it show that it would work as a screen print. I looked at a lot of work by Robert McGinnis, George Petty, Alberto Vargas and Olivia De Berardinis to not only figure out how to paint the female form, but also how to paint sheer clothing on top of it. I plan on exploring more of this style in the future!

Danny once again did an amazing job on the printing. The piece is available now on the Gallery 1988 website! Go grab one now…Love Me!

“Between Two Worlds” – Spoke Art NYCC

Spoke Art and I are back at it again with another Twin Peaks print, this time for the highly underrated movie Fire Walk With Me. This was exclusive to the Spoke Art New York Comic-Con booth this past weekend, but you are now able to get the remaining prints online! Following the same themes of duality, reflections and evil, we once again have the same secret decoder reveal feature as the past two Twin Peaks prints had.

Spoiler Alert! Click the image to reveal the secret identity of Bob.

I remember the first time I watched Fire Walk With Me, I remember hating it. I just wanted more of the same show, more Cooper, more of the quirky town. Instead, we got a darker, meaner look at the world of Twin Peaks. I must have forgotten, while watching the show, that it was all about a murdered prom queen. After I shook all of that off, and watched a bunch of other David Lynch movies, I watched it for a second time and began to really appreciate this movie. It’s not only as a great Twin Peaks movie, but it is a great movie in general.

You will also get a pair of custom secret decoder glasses. One one side we have the Black Lodge Ring and my logo, and on the other side is the Fire Walk With Me title logo. You can grab a print right now, as of writing this there aren’t that many left.

Robocop – Private Commission

Robocop has always been one of my favorite movies. I can’t remember when I was first aware of this movie, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved it. Upon rewatching the movie to make this poster, it really struct me how incredibly violent and fucked up this movie is. I always knew it was this way, but my older brain really took in all of the violence, and man this is a crazy movie. I still can’t believe they made a cartoon based on this movie.

I was so happy to be able to do a poster for a private commission. This was my first time using foil paper, and there was no better movie to test this on. Danny Askar, once again, did an amazing job printing this. Not only was it my first experience with foil paper, but it was Danny’s as well and he absolutely killed it with this. The piece is currently sold out, but keep an eye out as I might have a few extras pop up in the future.

Store Update!

New stuff added to the store! We have a couple new pins, a 2nd edition of the Evil Friend pin that glows in the dark, a new Slimer pin, a Toxie pin and a Robocop pin that was previously only available to a private commission group (and are VERY limited).

New patches are also available as well! We have a new Evil Friend patch, as well as a Death Commander patch previously only available as a shirt from Death Shred!

Go grab all this stuff now!

Be One of Us – Lost Boys AP’s in the store

AP’s added to the store! Go grab one now!

Be One of Us – Gallery 1988’s 30 Years Later Show

Click the image above to reveal the glow in the dark layer!

I’m back with another poster with Gallery 1988. This time with a piece inspired by The Lost Boys for their annual “30 Years Later” show. I am a huge fan of this movie, I might even say it’s my favorite movie (but that list fluctuates depending on how I am feeling that day). This was incredibly important for me to get right, and it was a really difficult task.

This is the 5th version of this poster that I worked on. The other 4 versions were designed to varying degrees. Some didn’t get past a couple hours of inking, while some ¬†were almost completely finished but then scrapped for other ideas. I lost sleep working on this poster, and while tossing and turning I finally came up with what I am showing right here!

This is a 5 color screen print with fluorescent red inks and there is even a special glow in the dark layer (click the first image to see what that is). My good friend Danny Askar did an incredible job printing these (as he always does). Hopefully you all enjoy it, and you can grab one of them on the Gallery 1988 website!

Spider Head!

In honor of the 35th anniversary of my favorite movie, I have added a new pin to my store! The Spider Head was taken directly from my long sold out The Thing poster. The pin glows in the dark and has an orange rubber clutch! Go grab one now!

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