The Art of Front – Kitty Lea Print

I was lucky enough to be involved with FRONT Magazine’s latest art show, The Art of FRONT. I am privileged to be in the company of great artists like Godmachine, Jack Teagle, Drew Millward and others! My contribution to the art show is a print based off of the lovely Kitty Lea‘s appearance in the magazine and taking inspiration from the first appearance of She-Hulk. You can purchase the print here, only 20 available!

There is also an auction going on, where you can buy casts of breasts (or boobs…ha) from some select FRONT models, and the proceeds to to the Keep a Breast Foundation. The gallery launch party was last night, and it looks like it was a blast. If you are around the Black Heart Gallery in the UK, I’d suggest you go check it out, and support the fight against breast cancer! If I lived overseas, I’d be there!

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Fearless Records
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FRONT Magazine
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Gallery 1988
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The Shadow Conspiracy
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Subrosa BMX
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