I Love The Monster Hero – It Came From 1984


Later this week, Bottleneck Gallery will have a new gallery show, “It Came From 1984”, showcasing movies that came out in 1984, and curated by Chogrin. My movie of choice, was The Toxic Avenger. I found out about The Toxic Avenger pretty late in the game. I think I was in college when I found out about it. I vaguely remember watching the cartoon when I was a kid, and I had a Toxie action figure, but I had never scene the movie. Upon first watching, admittedly, it was a little hard to get through. I am a huge fan of campy horror movies, it wasn’t the gore in The Toxic Avenger that bothered me, the movie is on it’s own level of crudeness, bad acting, and the campy dialogue. But I gave it a chance, watched the whole thing through, and then watched it again a few months later with a friend, and that made the whole experience better. And with each viewing after that,  I began to enjoy it more and more, even seeking out the sequels, and while Part II isn’t my favorite, I love Part III. Part IV, is still a struggle to watch.

Toxic Crusaders Variant

But, like I stated earlier, The Toxic Crusaders was my first introduction into the world of Toxie, so I had to pay tribute to that as well. As soon as the show was available for DVD a few years ago (when you bought The Tox Box), I had to own it. I didn’t remember much about the cartoon from when I was a kid, butI must say, it’s pretty rough. It’s sort of a mix between Captain Planet and Ninja Turtles, and while that sounds awesome, the animation and writing aren’t up to par with those shows. While that is part of the show’s charm, the action figures that accompanied the cartoon, are probably the best thing to come out of The Toxic Avenger universe. They were made by the same company that made the TMNT  toys (Playmates), but were so much more crazier and colorful.

This piece was influenced by one of favorite skateboard series, the Roskopp Santa Cruz boards by Jim Phillips, that coincidentally first started in 1984 as well. I think that the skate culture (especially back in 1984), with it’s anti-establishment views, are incredibly similar to the way The Toxic Avenger and other Troma movies were made, and created a perfect mix, and a nostalgic nod tied to that time period.

The Regular version of the poster (Yellow/Green and Pink) is and edition of 30, and the Toxic Crusaders Variant is an edition of 10, both printed with fluorescent inks by Danny Askar. They even look cool under black light. You can grab both of these prints at the Bottleneck “It Came From 1984” opening this Friday, February 7th. If you can’t make the show, they do an early release with a small number of prints the day before (Thursday, February 6th) at 8pm eastern, and the remaining pieces will be up on their website on Saturday at 12pm eastern.

UPDATE: The remaining pieces are now on sale, you can find the Regular Version here, and the Variant here!

*Pictures do not do the prints justice, fluorescent ink is incredibly hard to photograph.


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