Your Fate – When The Lights Go Out 2

Your Fate

The best part about doing art for gallery shows is having the freedom to experiment. My very first screen print for a gallery show was “Three” for the the first “When The Lights Go Out” show for Bottleneck Gallery. Well, Bottleneck decided to have a sequel to the very successful show, and I decided to do a sequel, of shorts as well. Over the past year I have learned a ton when it comes to screen prints, and with “Three”, I learned what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to glow in the dark in. I took that knowledge and applied it to “Your Fate”.



*Actual glow photo

With “Your Fate” I wanted to take things a bit further in terms of the illustration, but I wanted to keep the similar themes of skulls, death and nudity in “Three” and make them work better. I took inspiration from those coin operated fortune teller machines, even down to the fortune ticket you would receive. I’ve had this idea in my head ever since the last glow in the dark show ended, so it’s nice to finally execute it. The glow this time around looks amazing, and I’ve found myself flicking the lights on and off, amazed how how well the reveal works. Danny┬áreally helped me execute what I wanted it to look like in print.

The “When The Lights Go Out 2” opening will be happening this Saturday (March 22nd) at Bottleneck Gallery in NYC, so be sure to stop by. I hear that these openings are a lot of fun. I’ll post up links when it’s for sale online.

*Update: It’s up for sale here!

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